3 Best Tourist Spots in Dearborn

Dearborn is the 8th largest city of the Michigan State. Located in Wayne County, Dearborn carries the most significant number of Muslims in the US. This makes it unique among many other cities in the United States. Moreover, Dearborn holds so many historical tourists attractions that you can choose from. Below are the 3 Best Tourist Spots in Dearborn:

1. The Henry Ford Museum.

Most probably you know of the Ford cars or own one, but you do not know the full history of this car type. Dearborn, Michigan is the place to be. The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn carries the unique history of the Ford company that has for centuries now sold commercial and luxury cars. It also holds the history of America-the chair on which Abraham Lincoln sat in during his actual assassination and the limo John F Kennedy was in during his assassination.

There are models of the first Ford to the Current ford model. In the museum, you will have a chance to watch documentaries on the Ford machine. Children also have a place they can view exhibits. After a whole day experience, there are restaurants in the museum to eat and relax at.

2. Greenfield Village.

Greenfield Village is a more of a living museum comprising of the past and the present. There is a glass-blowing shop where you have the rare chance to watch very skilled artisans make things from sand. In the village, there are also famous buildings that have been moved to the museum from their original location. You will also have a chance to ride on the renowned model-T. It is the best way to move from one place to the other in the Greenfield Village.

3. Islamic Center of America.

Being that Dearborn is an Islamic town in the US, the Islamic Center of America is a perfect place to visit. You will be taught about the history of the Islam religion. You need no appointment at this place. You will have the chance to take pictures due to the great architecture creating the perfect photography background.

Dearborn has so many other tourist sites apart from the above that you would enjoy touring with your family or friends. You can also find frozen dessert recipes for summer in most restaurants.

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